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 wind ensemble 
  Irish tunes (Set 1)
  woodwind quartet (fl, ob, cl in B flat & A, bn)                                                          
  This set of pieces (along with Set 2 for recorders) was published in 1992 by WOODWINDplus, to
  whom I am very grateful for bringing them to a wide audience; they have had many performances
  and have been in the repertoire of several professional ensembles, including the London Wind
  Quartet and the Scottish group Illuminati. The first three tunes are relatively short and easy, and
  may be performed as a set on their own in the order 2, 3, 1; the last movement is more extended 
  and difficult. The tunes are: 1 The red-haired boy (hornpipe), 2 I know my love, 3 Lovely Mollie,
  4 The mountain lark (reel) incorporating The Four Courts.
  Durations 1’20”, 1’10”, 1’35”, 3’35” (total about 8’)                              GP05  Score and parts £ 14.70
  Click here to see and hear excerpts from the music. 
  Irish tunes (Set 2)
  version for saxophone quartet (SATBar)
  from the original for recorders                                                                                    In preparation
  Irish tunes (Set 3)
  wind quintet (fl, ob, cl, hn, bn)                                                                                                Project
  Irish tunes (Set 2)
  Originally published in 1992 by WOODWINDplus (along with Set 1 for woodwind quartet), these
  pieces were written for the Cambridge branch of the Society of Recorder Players. Although there are
  short passages with extra parts for larger groups, the music was intended to be self-sufficient with
  four players, and versions for string quartet and saxophone quartet are in the pipeline. The tunes
  are: 1 A morning in summer (jig), 2 By the church at Creggan, 3 Hymn to the heart of Jesus, 4 The
  king of Laois (6/8 march).
  A version of the last movement for recorder orchestra has already been performed by the
  Peregrine Recorder Orchestra.
  Durations 2’20”, 1’30”, 1’40”, 2’05” (total about 8’30”)                        GP02  Score and parts £ 10.80
  Click here to see and hear excerpts from the music.
  The Little Black Rose (fantasia on the Irish folk tune)
  Conceived as a ‘musical history’ of the tune, using four progressively more elaborate versions, the
  piece begins with a wild soprano cadenza. The simple Dorian version introduced underneath 
  by the tenor gradually grows to a climactic much-ornamented C major version in two-part free 
  canon. A bass cadenza leads to the piece’s disappearance in a wisp of Irish mist. 
  Duration about 5’30”                                                                             GP04  Score and parts £ 10.00
  Click here to see and hear excerpts from the music.
  She moved through the fair
  for recorder and accordion 
  Written for Evelyn Nallen for inclusion on her album ‘Whistlestar’, which you can download from
  her website at www.evelyn-nallen.com. The recorder player is required to play garklein, sopranino,
  renaissance, baroque pitch and modern sopranos, alto, tenor and bass. The piece ‘narrates’ the poem
  by using many different tunes in addition to ‘She moved’.
  Duration about 10’                                                                                                           In preparation
  Three Carolan Tunes
  arranged for piano solo                                                                                                             Project   
  Carolan’s Farewell to Music
  arranged for harpsichord 
  Extracted from ‘The Humours of Carolan’, a piece for recorder, lute and harpsichord relating the life
  of Carolan using his own music, written for the recorder player Evelyn Nallen.
                                                                                                                                            In preparation                  
 string quartet
  Irish tunes (Set 2)                                                                                                          
  from the original for recorders                                                                                   In preparation

Arrangements of Irish music