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  Irish tunes (Set 1)
  woodwind quartet (fl, ob, cl in B flat & A, bn)                                                          
  Originally published in 1992 by WOODWINDplus, to whom I am very grateful for bringing them 
  to a wide audience; they have had many performances and have been in the repertoire of several
  professional ensembles, including the London Wind Quartet and the Scottish group Illuminati. The
  first three tunes are relatively short and easy, and may be performed as a set on their own in the
  order 2, 3, 1; the last movement is more extended and difficult. The tunes are: 1 The red-haired boy
  (hornpipe), 2 I know my love, 3 Lovely Mollie, 4 The mountain lark (reel) incorporating The Four
  Durations 1’20”, 1’10”, 1’35”, 3’35” (total about 8’)                              GP05  Score and parts £ 14.70
  Click here to see and hear excerpts from the music.
  SCOTT JOPLIN (1868-1917)
  Solace - A Mexican Serenade (originally for piano solo)
  arranged for wind quintet (fl, ob, cl in B flat, hn, bn)                                                                                      
  Originally published in 1996 by Ebony Edition. As a bassoonist, I chose to arrange this, rather than a
  more conventional piece of Joplin’s ragtime, because of its beautifully melodic bass line. It also has
  some surprising paused chords at the ends of phrases in the Trio, where you can imagine dancers
  momentarily frozen in mid-movement. There is another available quintet version, but I don’t know
  it, so I can’t tell you whether or not it’s better than this one. Mine’s cheaper, though.
  Duration about 5’                                                                                   GP06  Score and parts £ 10.50
  Click here to see and hear an excerpt from the music.
  ANTONÍN DVOŘÁK (1841-1904)
  Suite in A major (‘American’) Op.98 (originally for piano solo)               
  arranged for wind quintet (fl, ob, cl in A, hn, bn)                                                                                       
  Originally published in 1996 by Ebony Edition. Written around the same time as the ‘American’ 
  string quartet and the ‘New World’ symphony, this is similarly direct in expression, with much
  pentatonic and modal writing, but it is not easy to play! Dvořák made an orchestral version of this
  work (with lots of percussion) but my arrangement is based entirely on the piano original. There are
  five movements:  Moderato, Molto vivace, Allegretto, Andante, Allegro. The opening of the first
  reappears at the end of the last as a grand climax to the whole suite. 
  Durations 3’50”, 4’10”, 3’15”, 2’50”, 2’50” (total about 17’30”)            GP07  Score and parts £ 23.00
  Click here to see and hear excerpts from the music.             
  ‘Le Legatissimo’ and ‘Le Staccatissimo’ Op.63 Nos. 3 & 2 (originally for piano solo)
  arranged for 4 equal clarinets                                                          
  Alkan was a brilliant but reclusive pianist, reputed to be the only person in front of whom Liszt was
  nervous of playing. He wrote almost exclusively for his own instrument and there are many large-
  scale and difficult works. However, he also wrote several sets of charming, unpretentious and easier 
  pieces, including the ‘Esquisses’ Op.63  from which these two pieces have been selected.
  Durations 1’25”, 1’10” (total about 2’40”)                            GP08  Playing score and 4 parts £ 10.00
  Click here to see and hear excerpts from the music.
  arranged for oboe, clarinet (B flat), horn, bassoon and piano       
  This originated as an encore for a programme including the Mozart and Beethoven quintets for the   
  same combination of instruments. Short, but packs a lot in, including a jazz waltz section in the
  Duration about 2’10”                                                                                      GP09  Score and parts £ 7.70
  A Duel or Trial for Solo bass clarinet                                                                                              
  Written for my sister Valerie to perform at her final recital for her music degree, this piece was
  given its first London performance in 1982 by John Harle, at a concert in the Wigmore Hall
  promoted by the Society for the Promotion of New Music. The battle of the title is between the
  chalumeau and clarino registers of the instrument, with the ‘throat’ notes functioning as a kind of no-
  man’s-land (or meditative mediator) involved in the eventual reconciliation of the warring factions.
  Duration about 7’30”                                                                                   GP10  Playing score £ 5.80
  15 Three-part Sinfonias (originally for keyboard)
  arranged for oboe, clarinet and bassoon                                                                                  Project
  Irish tunes (Set 3)
  wind quintet (fl, ob, cl, hn, bn)                                                                                                  Project
  Sonata in F major K.497 (originally for piano duet)
  arranged for the same ensemble as Mozart’s Gran Partita K.361 plus flute
  (fl, 2ob, 2 cl in B flat, 2 bhn, 2bn, 4hn, db)                                                                      
  This arrangement is in the repertoire of the Haffner Wind Ensemble, and was performed by them at 
  a BBC Lunchtime Concert in Bristol on the 3rd of March 2005 (broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 21st 
  March 2006). It was originally arranged for Whiteacre Winds, an amateur group based in Fulbourn, 
  near Cambridge. The version to be published will incorporate some slight revisions.                                                
                                                                                                                              In preparation
  Waldscenen Op.82 (originally for piano solo)               
  arranged for wind decet                                                                                         
  2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2hn, 2bn (ob2=ca, cl2=bcl)                                                                      In preparation

Works for wind instruments